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Interior & Exterior Refresh

Naturally, exterior and interior paints are exposed to different kinds of environments. The  Exterior paint on the outside of your house needs to be able to withstand cold winds, storms, hail and the blazing hot sun belting down on it in the summer time. Compare that to interior paint, which isn’t exposed to these kinds of conditions. At the same time, imperfections with interior paint are much more noticeable and unsightly, so interior paint needs to be able to be cleaned and maintained easily. 

Roof Spraying 

Concrete roof tiles generate a lot of surface heat, for example, on a 30-degree day the roof tiles generate about 120 degrees of surface temperature and as a result, any coating/paint application will take a hammering. The coating/paint application is considered a mechanical application. This simply means that the coating is trying to hold onto the surface of the tiles. And as it heats up it wants to let go, which is why we ensure our clients the recommended paint product for the job thats at hand for completion & longevity. 

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New Builds & Renovations

When it comes to New builds or Renovations The painting preparation & materials used on the project must be equipped by a Qualified & Certified Professional painter 

at Gold Standard Coatings our reputation is always kept high though the quality & strong communication between all parties We acknowledge our Clients & Building managers with the correct & suitable method for the project that will be commencing.

Industrial & Commercial 

Commercial Painting has more to do with the aesthetics & Material Use while industrial painting needs to be done in an environment that is used for manufacturing purposes (think automobiles, boats, aircraft, etc.) The focus with industrial paint jobs is made working with durable and long lasting coats for high impact & high trafficking areas.

Maintenance Work

Our Maintenance Painters will undertakes Skilled painting works in the Patching, Preparation, Finishing & the  Maintaining of interior and exterior Surfaces (e.g. Drywall,  Wood, Render, Concrete & Tiling. 

Body Corporate & Insurance Work

We offer a fully Comprehensive Service to all Body Corporate & Insurance Managers with Our Commitment & Policies to work with you to develop the Right solutions to Your painting needs at a price that is Fair and Affordable. At Gold Standard Coatings we are licensed to carry out work in high risk areas & perform handling using a EWP Platforms we will handle all your Permit Applications, Trafficking  Management requirements & Scaffolding needs. The Commitment is to manage your entire project and with our inceptive on providing only the best painters with the highest standards that will ensure your buildings to remain protected long into the future.

Specialised Finishes  

If you’re looking to give your home a unique look, you may want to consider more than just a traditional painting  job. At Gold Standard Coatings, We offer painting services with a specialty finish that can add more style and personality to particular areas of your home. Many painting companies use traditional paint and finishes that provide simply , A one-dimensional looks. Our professional interior and exterior painters have the right paint, tools, and techniques to give you a look that’s uniquely of your own. 

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